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06 Apr 2023

I'm 65+ years old and I used to find daily tasks difficult like climbing stairs and lifting objects which became easier. I feel like I want to workout more often. There're visual changes in mirror and I feel energetic during walks. Belly-fat seems to have decreased. Gas formation reduced to almost negligible. Friends who met me after a long time automatically complimented me that I look fitter. Weight is reducing slowly. Hunger is better. My blood sugar and hypertension markers are much better. Sleep quality is better. Infact, even my focus on my work is much better now. I'd recommend Abhishek to anyone who is facing the same challenges as me.

Amlan Suryabanshi
03 Apr 2023

I have know Abhishek for a while but it was my first time enrolling with him as a mentee. I didn't want to cut weight/fat too fast and was dealing with multiple injuries in my elbows and shoulders, coupled with some deficiencies and surpluses in a few health markers. Abhishek took all of it into account and helped me work my way around all the challenges, including international travel and lack of exercise equipment. His patience and knowledge have been true standouts and ably support his approach to coaching. Flash forward a few months, and I am enrolling with him for the fourth time.

Kaustubh Jambhorkar
02 Apr 2023

I have enrolled with multiple mentors in the past and while I always received appropriate guidance every time, I always struggled to be consistent with my diet. Abhishek helped me immensely with an approach that is sustainable for me. I found his approach very unique in general as I got to learn a lot of new things. He’s very responsive and always addresses your queries in detail. I highly recommend Abhishek to anyone who’s starting off with their transformation journey or even someone who’s experienced. You’ll surely benefit.

Manish Chadda
14 Mar 2023

He is really good coach very sincere in his job perfect knowledge and a good motivator he helped in every manner