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Tarun Wadhwa
27 May 2023

Abhijit has been a life changing coach for me. The transformation that has happened till now is tremendous but the best part about enrolling under him was the teaching. What Abhijit has taught me about the importance of quantified nutrition, exercises and relevance of moving,water and sleep will stay with me for life. The way he has pushed me to achieve the best results shows how a great professional he is and how much he loves to impart knowledge to people. I feel fortunate that he is my coach. Thank you this community and thank you Abhijit.

Anju Bhatt
30 Apr 2023

Abhijit is a wonderful coach. I am so glad I got an opportunity to train with him. He was just "what the Dr ordered" for me or "just what I needed". When I signed up with him, I told him I have issues with being consistent & I need someone who holds me accountable. He did just what I needed..checking on me randomly several times a week. Just the thought that I'd have to provide updates made me want to try harder & show progress. The TC 18 journey was not easy & everytime I felt like I was not seeing results or wanted to give up, he'd call me up & encourage me & remove all my doubts & apprehensions. I loved all the healrh & nutrition facts he'd share wirh me to keep me on track. More importantly I could rely on him & he always made himself available if I wanted to talk. He genuinely cares about your fitness journey & does not shy away from making multiple changes to diet or exercise plan as needed. Thank you coach Abhijit for taking a chance on me & giving me your best!!

Aditi Mathur
20 Apr 2023

I started my journey 5 months ago with Abhijit and need I say anymore. He is the best you can get. His constant motivation and insight has brought me where I am today. I blindly followed what he said and the results are there in my mid way transformation. He understands my lifestyle, my work and my issues with bloating and never ever has he asked me to do something this I cannot accommodate. Always there to listen, motivate and support. I so wish I could train in person with him as well. The best part, all this was sustainable, how great it is to enjoy your routine while incorporating the discipline. And the journey will continue....

Lucky Bhatia
25 Mar 2023

I have been working on my transformation under the supervision of my coach Abhijit Singh for the past 15 months. He kept pushing me and encouraging me throughout my journey. He praised me whenever I made progress and motivated me whenever I lacked intent. Abhijit has a subtle way to always keep you on track and has patience to answer all your queries. His support is incredibly important in my transformation. Thank you, Abhijit Singh.