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Jaina Dave
13 Sep 2023

Abhijeet sir has truly been a friend , mentor and guide towards my journey which I am still pursuing under his guidance. He has helped me to improve my relationship with food. He has fed in me the concept of burning more calories instead focusing on consuming less calories because who doesn’t love food. He was always there to clear a confusion. Also not only diet, but he was there to motivate whenever I have lost my patience and thought to give up on myself. He designed my plans as per my lifestyle and he made it sure that I enjoy the fitness journey so folks if you are in need of a coach who is not just a coach but a mentor- just start your journey with him and in my favour just pray for I reach where I dream to be.

13 Aug 2023

Not having an active workout schedule in the past, Abhijit has been a great Fitness Trainer in supporting my training objectives. I have been able to see continual improvement working out with him for the past three months.I have reduced almost 10 kg during this period. I would never have achieved the level of fitness and wellness I have at my age,which i have now with the best nutrition chart and home exercises. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as your fitness trainer if you want to achieve your fitness and health goal.

07 Aug 2023

I started my weight loss journey with Abhijit in the middle of May 2023 when I weighed 75 kg.Now, in August 2023, I lost up to 7 kg in just 12 weeks, but more importantly, Abhijit provided the best balancing diet chart and simple yet impactful home exercises that were appropriate for my body type. As a result, I never felt low on energy or ran on an empty stomach. He was there 24×7 to answer any query I had about diet and exercise. It was fantastic to have Abhijit as your fitness trainer. Thank you Abhijit 😊🤝 Regards, Sharmila

Tawinder Jaidka
24 Jul 2023

Abhijeet is very professional and great coach. He has helped me throughout my weight loss journey. he is very kind and friendly and customize plans according to my needs. I have adopted healthy living because of him . Forever grateful for his hardworking. Highly recommend