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Pre & Post Natal Training
Neha Nair
29 Aug 2023

I’ve been training with Aarti for many months now and I look forward to every class with her. Being a university student, I tend to be very anxious and stressed but I feel very refreshed and good after each and every class. She is also incredibly considerate and understanding; I suffer from mild scoliosis and a chronic injury to my ankle, and I’ve never left a session in pain, in fact I always feel much better. It’s a pleasure learning from her. Thank you so very much Aarti for your guidance!!🤍

Haider Aabidi
25 Aug 2023

I am Haider's wife and I have an autoimmune disorder. I remember it was my autoimmune flare up when my doctor suggested me Yoga and luckily we found Aarti. My proteinuria was high my anti ds DNA was positive my C3 and C4 was low. I had 13 kgs of swelling in my body that time last year in June. I started Yoga and meditation with Aarti and it did wonders for my autoimmune health recovery. My swelling subsided within a month my reports became normal within 3 months and since then I am taking her sessions every month. Now talking about Yoga it's not only Yoga that helps you but you need the right,expert, polite and knowledgeable Yoga trainer who can make you do best of Yoga and meditation what should be exactly associated with your health. AARTI is the Right and best person for this she is very POLITE, MOTIVATING, DISCIPLINE HIGHLY KNOWLEDGEABLE and she is soo attentive she watches every body part very closely and corrects it, if it's not in right position. Thank you Fittr for keeping such expert Trainers like Aarti for us. TONS OF THANKS TO AARTI

Sudha karthik lr
18 Jan 2023

I was stuck with Covid in 2022 Jan, and it was a huge blow to me. I was in so much pain with body aches and sleepless nights. I was so lost and conflicted that the very thought of going anywhere or doing anything was just too overwhelming. It was at that time I met Aarti via Fittr, she brought back my confidence and strength in every session with mild postures, stretches and breath techniques. As you take those cleansing breaths your mind starts to open up with thoughts of healing, self-compassion and self-love. It has made a big difference in my mind, body, and soul. It has been a 4 months journey now and I have started doing my suryanamaskars and many more asanaas. Thankyou Aarti for being there for me.

04 Oct 2022

I was looking for a certified prenatal yoga expert when I came across Aarti. I have been practicing with her for 4 months now and have been very contend with the progress. She's really knowledgeable in pre and post natal exercises. We progressed the physical and calming exercises well month by month as I got closer to my due date keeping in check with my doctor's guidance. Practicing yoga with her helped me with my neck, foot and back pain as well as helped me stay calm during last two trimesters of my pregnancy. Not only that, she has immense post partum knowledge for the new mother as well. I really looked forward to my daily classes with Aarti and highly recommend her!