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Zinc Supplementation and Covid- Does it help?

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Role of Zinc Zinc is a necessary micro nutrient for the basic functioning of the cells such as growth and survival. It also plays a role in the neurological system. Immunologically Zinc is very important. Its deficiency leads to a compromise in the natural and adaptive immune responses. Covid and Zinc A study was conducted in Chennai at the Dr Rela Institute and Medical centre on Covid patients admitted in the hospital. During this study patients admitted for Covid-19 were tested for Zinc deficiency and were compared to a group of patients who were having adequate levels of Zinc. Around 47 patients took part in the study out of which 27 were Zinc deficient. At the end of the study it was concluded that: Patients with zinc deficiency suffered from more severity in the Covid-19 disease. These patients had longer stay at the hospital. They were more likely to get corticosteroids. Limitations: However this study was conducted on a very small group of people also only on those who were hospitalized. It was not clear if supplementation after hospitalization did anything to improve the condition. It is difficult to state if low zinc is the cause or a simple association factor in Covid-19. In conclusion, there needs to be a lot more research to conclusively state the effect of Zinc and its deficiency in the severity of Covid. Zinc over-supplementation can lead to Zinc Toxicity and its deficiency should be overcome under guidance of a General Physician.
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