Ajay Singh Tomar

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Your "WHY" will always get you through

So one fine day you decide that you need to take charge of your fitness, make a move and do something. Because it has been such a long time that you thought about getting started but every time something or the other came in your way, it may be work, personal life, responsibilities, hectic schedules, or just getting lazy :P

Although we just want to transform our bodies, but somehow it starts to become such a mental block that just getting started feels like scaling Mt. Everest. But we make our amends and get on with it. Few weeks in, the motivation starts to drop, thoughts like i don't feel like going to the gym today, couldn't get up this morning, i could not control myself and had ..(I am sure you can imagine).. and so on starts to take over. So after a while, this attempt like many in the past, Failed and now the mental block just got a little bigger. It was already very very high but now .. that Everest in your head just became a little taller. All that excitement while getting started seemed to wither away rather quickly. But Why ? ..... The answer is ........ WHY !! Bear with me for a little while. Every one of us have some priorities and whatever the reason be, fitness is not on top of that list for most. We realise that it needs to be on top only when something happens, that something can be anything . Running out of breath while playing with your kids, a look in the mirror one day, same clothes but not fitting anymore, that little bulge which seems to appear out of nowhere, or just a trip to our doctors clinic etc. Such events suddenly makes us realise that this needs to change, and we need to make a move. This is Your WHY !!! Your WHY is very important to keep you going. Always look for your WHY after removing all the superficial things like looking good, getting a six pack, getting rid of those flabs, wish i could get into that dress etc. Look a little deeper, these may seem like the immediate goals but they will be just byproducts and a natural consequence if you know your WHY first. Whenever you feel like losing motivation, you feel like cheating, or just start to go off track. Think about your WHY. What was that realisation that got you started in the first place ?. What was your WHY ? Forget about motivation look for your WHY, and you will naturally find ways to tackle all the hurdles that you face. Cheers

Gunjan Gupta

Thank You , this was needed at this time :))

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