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Your Smartphone Making You Sleep Less

Sleep & Stress
Artificial blue light, the showpiece of modern humanity, there is one certainty that would present itself amid the absence of artificial light, we would be sleeping a lot more deeply and our risk for the chronic disease would be lowered.

Artificial light isn’t going away anytime soon, we live in a very modern industrialized world, we have to learn and develop strategies to protect our most vital function within our 24hr day, sleep. While most light has an impact on your sleep cycle and melatonin(sleep hormone) production. The short-wavelength blue spectrum in LED’s have the most profound impact on our sleep cycle and suppress our natural melatonin production. In a study, adults lived in a controlled environment for 2 weeks, one group was reading a paperback book serval hours before bed, the other group was allotted several hours to gander electronic devices before sleep. The result, the electronic device group had a 50% suppression in their melatonin production(M.Walker, Why we Sleep) We can protect ourselves from these damaging effects. The most obvious, put down your electronic device a couple of hours before bedtime, dim or completely turn off the lights when in a room(when watching TV for example). You even can use blue-light filter glasses or screens.
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