Jitendra Chouksey

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Your problems are your problems!

I was sitting with Suniel Shetty Anna few days back for some discussion. He told me a story about an elderly couple on the plane that he met! They had trouble getting to their seats so he helped them and they thanked him.

Once all three were seated, the lady and her husband picked out sweets from their chocolate bag and started eating. Anna looked and asked her why was she carrying so many sweets, the lady said she gets anxious at heights and he would understand once he gets to their age. He asked how old is she, she said 57 years and her husband who could barely walk straight was 60 And she kept calling him beta Anna is 59 ============================= We grow into our problems, they’re our own! We shouldn’t dump our problems on other people. We should learn from them but not live with them! When we continue to live with our problems, we become slaves to our problems! If we can argue and fight on social media, we can always fight with our excuses and problems! We all are born the same way (95% case) with same 24 hours every day and if we don’t end up the way we want our lives to be, it’s our fault, not someone else’s! Good night Cheers

Puneet Sharma

Hahaha this is so true.

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