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Your idea of eating healthy may not stop you from getting fat!

Healthy eating is one of the most confusing topics. Everyone from common people to coaches to magazines have their own version of healthy food items. To add to the confusion, there are marketed trends or fad diets. There was a time when fat was considered the culprit and everyone advocated high carb diets. That's how sugary breakfast cereals ( basically sugar and carbs) got famously prompted as healthy breakfast. Then eventually carbs became bad and everyone advocated high fat diets. Then meat and animal products became bad and proponents started pushing vegan and plant based diets. Then came another new trend. Anything except meat is bad aka carnivore diet. Over the years I have understood that these diet trends are like fashion. They come and go. But science always grows and gives us a clearer picture.

The hard fact remains that human beings have lived and procreated eating variety of food types. In this scenario it's more sensible to understands the basics of nutrition without being swayed by the flashy trends. Attaching emotionally to a diet type or belief system without understanding the underlying scientific basics may not be the smartest approach. I often see people stating that they have been eating healthy and still are not able to lose fat or have ended up gaining fat. They blame their genetics, body type or surroundings and what not. However, they are missing the point. Fat loss works on a simple law of energy balance. 1. When you eat more calories (food) than your energy requirement(Calories used for bodily processes and activity), you'll gain weight. 2. When you eat less than your energy requirement, you'll lose weight. 3. When you consume calories as per your requirement, you'll maintain weight. Calories in > calories out, WEIGHT GAIN Calories in < calories out, WEIGHT LOSS Calories in = Calories out, WEIGHT MAINTAINED This is based on a law of physics called law of conservation of energy. It states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Fat on your body is stored energy. For your body to store fat, it has to provided with surplus of energy. Unless you have eaten more calories than you requirements, you cannot create fat magically. All the food items we eat contain some calories. There are no negative Calorie food items. Wheather you feel a food is superfood or junk food, it will still have calories. Thanks to the advancement in food science, we know what food items contains how much energy which is represented the unit called calories. No matter how much you believe emotionally in a diet or no matter how much you think you are eating healthy, if you aren't dropping weight overtime, you are eating more than your requirements. Instead of being centred towards a diet you should focus on counting your intake so that you can manipulate it if your body doesn't respond overtime.

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