Arpit Kushwaha

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So today I came down to my native place after a long time and met one, my old friends. We were discussing how life has happened to us so far and what do we think about the future. After discussing a lot of things, we came down to fitness our fitness, and he said that it's good that you started working out Arpit and transformed yourself. Now even I want to lose some weight and transform. The next thing he told me was he is preparing for some exam, and once it gets over, he will start his diet & workout.

The moment he told me this thing, something strike my mind. How many of us wait for the things to happen so that we can start doing things that we want. Like I'll be doing this thing once that thing gets over. I'll lose weight once my exam gets over. I'll start exercising once my traveling is done, or I'll begin my transformation journey once I get over my breakup, or I'll build six-pack abs once I take off from office for three months. Let me tell you this very honestly, that right time is never going to come. The sheer assumption that we make while having this thought process is that fitness works in isolation, while you are done with all your responsibilities or job, but it doesn't work that way. Just look at your parents or the people around you. They do all the savings while they are dealing with other things as well, like getting their kid's educations, buying a home, or a new car. Different cases would have their various individual reasons everywhere. I do not deny that, but I want to say that things will never work in isolation. Things will happen simultaneously while the other things are going on, and the same goes for our fitness as well. We will never get enough time alone just for health & fitness, and we start waiting for things to get over, then we might never begin to our transformation journey. So whatever is going on in life, take some time out for what you want to do and start doing it else you would end up regretting later that why didn't I start doing this thing earlier in my life. You need to lose some pounds of fat, You won't gain muscles, or you want to run a marathon start doing it today. Don't wait for the vacations to arrive or a job to get over. All the best

Tanuja Mehta

a good reminder 👍

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