Virendra Tilekar

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You're not eating as much calories as you think you're

Observation made while recently studying one of my mentees progress

Note -calories for period 1- 18 apr to 2 may are same as caloires from Period 2- 2nd May to 14 may The only difference was in Period 1- she used spoons to measure the qty of oil assuming 1 spoon must be 5g - here she lost from 84.7 to 84.3 ie 400gms And in Period 2 - She actually measured a qty of oil in gms on a digital scale. here she lost from 84.3 to 82.2 ie 2.1 kgs Though she was very disciplined in both these periods one small guess work caused so much difference Conclusion- When chasing a certain goal always measure Everything with defined metrics like gms, oz etc. Rather than sticking to approximation like spoons or cups.

Shweta Gupta

how should we measure oil/ghee? I also measure on digital scale in gm.

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