Jitendra Chouksey

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You’re not average!

You're not Average!

Your actions are! Maybe your thoughts are too, but not you! You're not average! We're all governed by universal laws and yet we tend to reject them all the time. What would happen if you woke up at 6 in the morning, ate healthy, worked out every single day for 6 months? You'll start getting shredded, you'll become more disciplined, your mood will change and you'd also probably have better thoughts. That's the law! There's absolutely no one in the world who can say "hey JC, I did exactly the same and it didn't work for me"! Do the stories in the group inspire you? Why? You're not seeing super-humans achieving amazing feats? That would be outlandish and amazing but not really inspiring or motivating right? I mean you see superman flying on your TV, you don't want to fly but when you see batman dressed up and iron man dressed up, gives you that adrenaline pump, doesn't it? Because deep down you know they're you! Heena Bhojwani ran away from her house to participate in ICN, Dolan acharya is a single mother, Subhankar Mishra was just an IT consultant. All of them, they changed in the group in front of everyone along with thousands like them. What does it show? People are not average! Heena might not be a good obedient daughter according to her family but she's excelling as a human being, she'd probably do what none of her family members would do in their entire lives collectively. I feel bad for Dolan's husband lol, she can have guys like him lined up for her today if she so desired! These people took control of their lives! They just believed in the universal laws and did what the law says, Seek knowledge and combine it with action. So many people are in pursuit of knowledge but without action, it's just a worthless pursuit. What's the point of following spiritual gurus who've never achieved anything in their lives except talking endlessly? I mean they make money from people's donation because people are gullible but what did they really do? If the answer is nothing, then why are we following them? How about following Einstein? or Elon musk or Stephen hawking? Or Sundar Picchai? Do you think these guys were or are any less self aware than any of the spiritual gurus? I don't think so! but look at them, they're changing the world! Remember this, knowledge without action is a worthless pursuit! Acquire knowledge Put your thoughts into action and you'd get whatever you want in life! Follow the universal laws and you'd know how powerful, how formidable, how amazing you are! I could see it back in 2015, I can see it now, nothing has changed. I can't show you, You've to see it yourself and witness the miracle that's you! Scream as hard as you can and tell yourself who you are! Announce your arrival! Redeem yourself! Rise!

Adhithya Sabaree

I'm new to this platform.. recently enrolled under a coach.. was randomly searching for some articles about tc and this popped up on my feed.. Such strong motivational words:))))) Saved this article and took screenshots to print and post them on my bedroom wall.. Daily motivation ✌️💪 Thanks much for this platform sir.

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