Nachiketh Shetty

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You're enough!

I'm gonna say it:

I have been skinny fat. I have been skinny. I have been fat. Now I'm back to being skinny fat, but less skinny and less fat than the last time. I have loved my body through all these phases. I have loved working put regardless of how I look beneath my clothes. I have loved my body when I finished 3kms in 14mins 47secs. I have loved my body when I won my first marathon. I have loved my body when I completed 3 sets of 50pull-ups. I have loved my body when I deadlifted 172kgs. I have loved my body when I squatted 140kgs. I still love my body because I'm able to lift everyday despite the nagging back pain. I don't give a flying fuck about what Instagram expects from a fitness professional. Throughout this journey, even I have heard criticism about my physique. From people I care about. But hey, I didn't really start any of this to look like they expect me to. Each day I step into the gym, I just want to do better than the last week's session. After each session I get one workout closer towards reaching my goal. Eventually when I hit the target, the mad adrenaline rush j get, none of these critiques can take that away from me. I live for that shit. I just hope someone who needed to see this sees this. ❤️ Cheers!

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