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You Probably Do Not Need Those Fancy Shoes

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With the rise of popularity of strength training, sales of accessories associated with it are also on the rise. One of the accessories is weight lifting shoes, those shoes with elevated heels, which you must have seen someone wearing in your gym or some commercial. Now whatever the benefits of weightlifting shoe companies or local guy in the gym tell you, science has a different take on it.

Weightlifting shoes do not reduce the chances of injury than any flat sole shoes in recreational lifters; neither it enhances any movement. Contrary to popular belief, weightlifting shoes do not make Squats "Knee dominant." Of course, with the raised heel, you get some degree of plantar flexion that can be helpful when you have poor ankle mobility. So when you descend in Squats movement and your knees can not travel forward much in that case, these shoes might help you out and improve your squats. Takeaway - For a recreational lifter, weightlifting shoes do not have any such extra benefit except in the case of poor ankle mobility. You can save up your money and stick to regular flat sole shoes, anyways in India availability of those shoes are pretty limited. Referance- https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30789547

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