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Provided you invest the time properly.

So when I joined this group I too had queries and was confused as to what will be the best macros & the best workout plan for me. Will I ever be muscular with abs and veins popping out(I had abs before but I had lost a lot of muscle mass because it was done in a wrong way)? What I have experienced over the years of training is that the fruit is the last thing which grows on the tree. Big goals require time investment in terms of training,rest and mental growth. Most of us time bound the process or set such unrealistic targets (not intentionally but because we got no idea about the realistic targets) and when that unrealistic goal is shattered we are vexed thinking,”I guess I am not made for it.” Wait! What? Did you just think you cannot do it? You were one of the million contender who raced to be the one coming into this world AND YOU SUCCEEDED!! Trying is more important than succeeding What if I had thought that I have weak genetics and there is no escape to it ? I wouldn’t have made this collage of my doubts and how I am nailing them down year after year. The first battle that you need to win is the battle of mind . Rather than thinking like “I cannot do it” the approach should be “who is going to stop me from doing it.” I know this might sound like an unrealistic post but this comes straight from my heart and this has been my approach for a long time. “Let me see who stops me from winning. I fail,I restart. I cry, I get back after crying . I fall, wounds heal and I am back.” I write this post just to keep people more self accountable and believe in themselves. You will not succeed every time but that should not stop you from trying for the next time . Give this a thought so many wonderful/rattling/tremendous transformations didn’t happen just because you thought you couldn’t do it or it was not your cup of tea.Healthy Lifestyle is not tea but water. And everyone needs water. Cheers guys.

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