Arpit Kushwaha

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You don't solve problems by just worrying about them.

You cannot fix a problem just by worrying about it. If you really want to solve your problems, then instead of worrying, start trying to find out the solutions.

You have dieted earlier and tried to lose weight but that didn’t work. Now every time you start a diet you are already worried thinking you have failed earlier and what if this diet also doesn’t work. Should you start it or not? You have lost some weight and covered half of your journey, but now you are stuck somewhere and not losing it further. Or your schedule is so tight that you are occupied all the day. By the time you come back home after finishing your work, you are already all drained and exhausted. In short, you have got no time for workout or diet and it’s not your cup of tea. These are few basic problems that every next person faces. So, what do you do yo solve them? Do you keep worrying about them and think that you cannot solve them or you rather focus on solving them? Here are few things that you can do. So, you have dieted earlier and failed, but did you try to find out why did you fail in your previous attempts? It can be because of many reasons. First reason can be, perhaps you were not tracking your calories. This time track them. Or your diet was too restrictive in nature and you were avoiding the food items that you like most. Which ultimately made you binge one day and you couldn’t stop yourself which ruined everything. This time don’t repeat it. Add food items which are high in volume and satiating in nature in majority and leave some scope for calories coming from your favourite food items. Or you failed because you were in too hurry to lose weight and you cut down your calories drastically, which made you starve and ultimately you did quit. This time go slow. Keep reminding yourself consistency is the key not speed. You will reach there, eventually. You have lost some weight and stuck somewhere. You are trying hard and not losing it further. Now what? Will constantly worrying about it will make you lose it overnight? Obviously, NO! So, keep calm first of all. Recalculate your calorie intake. Track everything that you eat or drink. Most of the time this happens, even if you think you are tracking your food intake, you miss something. So make sure you are tracking your snacks or drinks too. If still you are not losing weight then try taking refeed or diet break and start again. Last but not the least!!! Your busy schedule!!!! I know it happens with most of us that we are so involved in our work that we forget everything, including friends, husband, wife, family too. But this is not an excuse to ignore your fitness goals. Rather than saying I’ve got no time for it, say I’ve got multiple works and going to gym or taking care of my health is not on priority. Perhaps this may help you. Because the work you are doing right now, in that same work your efficiency is going to go down if you don’t take care of your health now. Understand fitness is not option, it’s your necessity. Plan your day better. Prepare your meals, store them and carry them along with you. You can afford to skip scrolling feeds and social media or watching a show on Netflix show but training you can’t. So, set priorities and be honest to yourself. Start focusing on solutions and you will kill it. Cheers!!
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