Arpit Kushwaha

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You don’t change your body

Sounds interesting, right? Yes, you don’t change your body, your body changes because somewhere down the line you have a mindset that you start doing the things that is required to change your body. Understand it this way. Did you try to get fat when you got fat? No, right? You got fat because you kept doing something unconsciously which was leading to it. You did not change your body there; you just did not have that consciousness about your lifestyle and where it was leading to you. The same way weight loss is not transformation, it’s your thought process and mindset change which is actual transformation. Weight loss is just a byproduct of it. Change your lifestyle and the habits which made you fat in first place, if you do that, you will transform automatically on your own. You don’t change your body. You change your mindset.

Anusree Kailash

Really true.

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