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You cannot outrun a bad diet

Dieting Psychology
We get to hear this a lot of time, "weight loss krna h par dieting toh mujhse nhi hoti ,haa par exercise kitni bhi kara lo ". So can you lose weight just by doing workouts and no diet?

Let me explain to you with my own story. So the major difference between these two pictures is the correct nutritional approach. I started working out in April 2013 (even before I was the active kid) and pretty much regular with the training lost weight and gained it all back ( that is a story for some different day ). The point is even though the workout was on point and regular still I was obese and you why - not taking care of my diet. You can never outrun a bad diet with any kind of training. Here is the fun fact- I did not change even a single thing in training was doing the same exercises that I was doing continuously at 130 kg bodyweight. Of course, the activity levels increased as I was losing weight. I am not trying to say training is not that important but it works only with proper nutrition. A structured training coupled with a correct nutritional approach will give you optimal and sustained results. Cheers!! #fittr #fitness

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