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People usually have a negative association with the word diet. By the mere utterance, people think of hunger, bland and boring food, long term cravings and restrictions. However none of the above resonates well with a successful dieter(one who maintains the lost weight for years).

Starving or eating very less with a view to reduce your weight faster is a recipe of disaster for most. It's like trying to over speed a car which hasn't run for long in years. The engine, the tyres and other parts are not in their best condition. If anything you'll end up damaging the car more. Let's say you even achieve a high speed for few seconds. What's going to happen to your car's engine later? How long do you think you can go before it breaks down? Our body is way complex but this can be applied to the restless dieter who's been sedentary and overweight for years. Their natural conditioning or habit system doesn't support eating less for long. The body is going to fight back and then it's just a matter of time. Your will power no matter how strong it is will succumb under the hormonal changes your body will go through. So what's the solution? Slow and gradual lifestyle change is the solution. You can't change everything at once. The stricter the transition, the stronger the psychological retaliation in the long run. Change two or three habits at a time. Let's say you start by, improving sleep quality, limiting your outside food to one/two meals on weekends and doing some physical activity 5 days a week. With time you'll see you succeed in this. This will be a positive reinforcement and it'll will help you to stick to it further. With time you won't need push yourself to do it. At this time introduce new habits let's say having lesser calorie day once or twice a week. Then eventually it will become easy then introduce another habit. In this way you will see a tremendous change in your lifestyle over a period of 3-6months. What will be even better is that these changes will become effortless and you'll actually have to force yourself to act against them. Improvement in health and fitness takes time and consistency if you have been sedentary all your life. There's no short cut to it. Bracketing it to some weeks or months is a short sighted approach. It has failed and it will fail in most of the cases. Go slow and develop pace with time. It will work in your favour and you will be in a better state psychologically.

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