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Yogasana and Exercise

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Yogasana and Exercise

Read to understand why both Exercise and yogasana are important for our body. Yogasanas have often been thought of as a form of exercise they are not exercises, but techniques which place the physical body in positions that cultivate awareness relaxation concentration and meditation. Part of this process is the development of good physical health by stretching massaging and stimulating the pranic channels and internal organs so a Asanas are complementary to exercise. The practice of asanas help to integrate and harmonizers body and mind. Both body and mind harbours tensions or knots. The aim of Asana is to release these knots, for example emotional tensions and suppression can tighten up and block the smooth functioning of the lungs diaphragm and the breathing process contributing to deliberate re illness in the form of respiratory disorders. Before the difference between the two can be understood it is necessary to know that exercise imposes a beneficial stress on the body without it the muscles waste the bones become weak the capacity to absorb oxygen decreases. There are several differences in the way asana and exercise affect body mechanism when Asanas are performed respiration and metabolic rate slow down the consumption of Oxygen and body temperature drop. During exercise however the breath and metabolism speedup oxygen consumption rises in the body gets hot. In addition asanas are designed to have specific effects on the glands and internal organs and to alter electrochemical activity in the nervous system. Regular practice of Asanas maintains the physical body in an optimum condition and promotes health even in an and unhealthy body. Add daily dose of yoga to your life😊

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true, equally important as other forms of exercise

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