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Yoga with Dr. Prajakta. Day -2 Hip Flexibility

Flexibility & Mobility
King pigeon pose/ Rajakapotasana

🌸As we thrusts the chest toward the ceiling, which is reminiscent of a pigeon puffing up its chest. 🌸This elegant looking pose is called as king pigeon pose. 🌸It is an intermediate level pose. But practice shall make it easy. 🌸So lets see how to get into the pose. Steps- • Sit in danasana • Fold your right leg from knees and take left leg behind • Lift your left leg up and hold it with opposite hand. • Breath in and out maintaining the position. • Do not over flex the spine. • Hold the pose as per your capacity. • now release the pose and relax. Benefits- 1. This pose opens up your hips and makes your hips more flexible. 2. The profound stretch calms the body of anxiety and tension. 3. Stretches your entire lower body and upper body. Caution- 1.Practice this pose under the supervision of an expert yoga trainer because it is an advance pose. One false stretch could cause sprain or spasm of muscle. If you are a beginner then don’t attempt this Pose, do this pose after one or two months of regular practice of yoga. 2. In case of ankle, sacroiliac, or knee injury avoid this. Pregnant women should also avoid this. 3. Morning time is the best for practicing Yoga Asana, Pranayama and meditation, so try to practice Yogic activities in morning time. Take away-Link the pose with the breath. breath. Don’t rush the breath, fall in love with it!
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