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Yoga Series – Purvottanasana (Upward facing plank pose)  

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This Asana is a reverse pose for normal plank or Chaturanga.  It refers to east bound confronting stretch.Very helpful asana to open up the chest and stabilizing the lower part of the body. It also strengthens the arms and wrist.

Asana to be done by beginners before you practice this: Setubandha ,Ustrasana, Virasana STEPS 1. Sit comfortably in dandasana or normal sitting pose). With your legs flexed out and knees tight, place your palms firmly on the ground near to your waist.Breath out and raise your hips as high as possible. Try and keep your knees straight, keep your legs strong and foot strongly grounded. 3 Without losing the height of the hips, raise and open your chest while your head hangs backward. 4.Hold the posture for 5 to 6 breaths. Stay strong throughout. Come back to the initial pose very slowly. Repeat the asana for 3 to 4 times. Cautions Avoid the pose if you have wrist injury.Also, if you have neck injury, take wall support.Stop the asana immediately if you feel pain in your wrist or shoulders.     Benefits Strengthens the arms, wrists and legsStretches the arms, chest, shoulders and the front part of the ankle.Good therapy for depression and/or fatigue as it helps in relaxing the mind.   Author credits – Ankita Sinha
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