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Yoga For Balance - Natarajasana (Lord Of Dance Pose)

Author: Prajakta jawalkar

Today’s asana is very special as it is named after the Adi Yogi – Natarajasana (Lord of Dance Pose). This asana is a beautiful combination of structure and movement, and it symbolizes the dance of the graceful Nataraja. The Lord of Dance Pose makes you strong as well as open in your mind and body, giving them a lot of grace and power. The asana is a deep backbend and helps you attain a sense of peace and calm. Steps: 1. Stand erect. Bend your left leg at the back and hold it with your left hand. 2. Lift the left leg as high as you can 3. Now, straighten your right leg while leaning forward 4. Extend your right hand straight ahead as it gives you the right balance 5. Remain in this pose for about 20 to 30 seconds 6. Come back to the starting position and repeat this process on the other side Benefits: 1. Stretches your Shoulders, Abdomen, Groin, Thorax, and Thighs 2. Improves your body posture 3. Relieves your stress and calms your mind 4. Increases flexibility in your body Caution: While this pose has very few contraindications, caution must be exercised in the following cases: 1. This asana should generally be practiced by someone with strong legs and a strong lower back. 2. Avoid this pose if you have suffered from slip disc 3. People suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome should avoid this pose as the wrists need to be twisted in order to grab the toes. Tip Of The Day: Be grateful for your body that is capable of doing Yoga and so much more.

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