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Yoga For Back Strength – Fish Pose

“Yoga For Back Strength”.

Matsyasana/Fish pose is an amazing pose for intermediate-level Yogis. It open ups the chest and gives a desired arch to the backbone. It also targets and strengthens your neck and spine. Let’s see how to perform this asana: STEPS: Lie down on your back Place your hands palms down under your buttocks for support.Raise your legs and thighs in a straight line upto 45 degrees, toes pointed out Now, extend your neck and try to place the crown of your head on the floor. Arch your neck and back and simultaneously raise your chest Hold the pose for 30-60 seconds. Keep breathing normally Come back to the normal position and relax Repeat this 5-8 times BENEFITS: Gives calmness to your mind, decreases the level of anxiety, stress, depression, and fatigue Improves your posture Stretches and tones your abdominal region Stretches and strengthens your chest, thus helping with respiratory problems CAUTION: People who have suffered head or neck injuries should avoid performing this asana If you feel some pain or strain, pause the Asana and take your partner’s help for improvement TIP OF THE DAY: Beat fatigue by bringing small change into your lifestyle Author: Dr. Prajakta Jawalkar
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