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Yay, it's FRIDAY!!!

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Ways to win your weekend

Yay, it’s FRIDAY!!! Often it does happen with most of us that on weekends we end up binging on ice-creams, beers, burgers, pizzas etc. So, what do we do, should we give up on our goal or stay adamant on our goal? Almost every single person struggle with their diet on weekends. Let’s discuss today on how one can win a weekend: 🔹 By sticking to our normal routine & schedule. 🔹 By keeping check on stress & sleep levels. 🔹 By staying as active as possible. 🔹 By planning ahead & setting rules for yourself. 🔹 By including more calories on weekends so that we can play with our diet well. 🔹 By not depriving ourself during the week. 🔹 By deciding what is worth indulging in. 🔹 By thinking about what we want to feel and how we want to look. If you are the one who constantly screws up on weekends, then start writing your weekend story. By writing down your schedules on weekend, you wil understand where you lack and what you need to concentrate on! Make some good choices for your own betterment. Choose what is really worth it!

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