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Worst Fat loss myths - Time to kick them out of our heads

Fitness Myths
Many of us would honestly yet embarrassingly accept and admit that we have been victims of health and fitness myths. In the pursuit of desperately losing weight (refer to FAT here), we have bought myths left, right and centre so that we could achieve our dream only to find ourselves in the same place where we started. How depressing that can get despite putting hours in the gym and following a lifestyle that put our handwork to shame? This leads to people giving up on their original goals of getting fitter and staying that way. So lets put to rest some of the worst fat loss myths to give ourselves some peace of mind

And the most popular myth award goes to…. ‘Ketogenic diet helps you lose fat, you should try that’ One of the biggest myths that has been floating around and will continue unless otherwise we decide to put an end to it is ‘Keto diet is ideal for fat loss’. If it was that simple to lose fat, the entire world would be overflowing with dairy, poultry, seafood products only. Veganism and its followers can take the next space shuttle to Mars or nearby planets/galaxies because they have nothing to do with this world (some may continue to live here only with pea protein powders). Keto is not magic which has been time and again repeated for years. A few more years from now and we would be commemorating silver jubilee for the statement. Any quantified calorie deficit with resistance training is a recipe for losing fat. So follow a calorie deficit along with lifting weights keeping other parameters in check too (Sleep, stress levels, water consumption etc.,) And the others are not too far behind… ‘Drink Green Tea bruh/babe, it burns a lot’ Sure it does burn if you drink it too hot that you will be rubbing ice on your tongue after a sip or two. Otherwise it doesn’t even tickle ur fat cells in ANYWAY !! Not one bit. Green tea is not a magic potion that will help you burn fat if you keep eating all the crap yet expect it to do wonders. Celebrities may vouch for its benefits through advertisements but you’ll learn it the hard way if you fall for such gimmicks ‘Lemon + warm water + honey + ginger + cinnamon + I-will-add-whatever-you-tell-me… on empty stomach That’s right. You have one half of the population which are innocent and the remaining half which are the lazy who keep doing this first thing in the morning before sun rises expecting the fat to melt away like an overnight lit candle. Lemon, honey, ginger, cinnamon and other spices would then be very precious than gold and silver. Awesome right? Expensive stupidity Supplements like Carnitine, Taurine, Tyrosine, CLA etc., have been marketed as a go-to tool for fat loss. Thorough findings on these supplements have proved them to be ineffective and do not aid fat loss. Supplement companies had done their initial best to market it well and filled their coffers. Subsequent peer reviews had debunked them all Key takeaway A sincere advise would be to quantify your nutrition and eat according to your goals. If your goal is fat loss, then you ought to eat in deficit which is as simple as it can be. Consistency and patience are among the top parameters to achieve your fat loss goals. Remember this coz its not a myth but a bitter truth: ‘A moment in haste and some taste for your lip, leads to freebies on your waist & hip’
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