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Fitness Myths
- Sairamnath Ananthakrishnan

Myths may lead to people giving up on their fitness goals. So, it's time to put those myths to rest! ‘Ketogenic diet helps you lose fat’ Any quantified calorie deficit with resistance training will help you lose fat. Also, keep other parameters like sleep, stress levels, water consumption in check. ‘Green Tea or lemon water with ginger and honey burns fat’ Truth: It doesn’t even tickle your fat cells in ANY WAY!! ‘Don’t eat after 7 PM’ or ‘Eat Rotis. Stop Rice’ or ‘Don’t eat Fat. You will become Fat’ The body doesn't care whether you eat rice or wheat, or when you eat it. If the end calories are more than what your body needs, gaining weight is inevitable. ‘Don’t drink water just after food’ You may feel bloated if you drink water after a heavy meal but that doesn’t stop your fat burning process. Supplements – An Expensive stupidity Supplements like Carnitine, Taurine, Tyrosine, CLA etc. have been marketed as go-to tools for fat loss. Key takeaway: If your goal is fat loss, then you ought to eat in deficit. Also, consistency and patience are among the top parameters to achieve your fat loss goals!
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