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Exercise Science
To get strong you need to lift lower reps, with weights closer to max so as to build the specific skill.

More you do, better you will become. However, your work capacity will determine how much volume you can accumulate at this intensity. How do we increase work capacity? If I can squat(85%) 120*5*3 Then that's a total of 1800units. Let's drop the weight(75%) and increase the reps to 90*10*3 Then that's a total of 3000units. Over time, I'll be able to push 90*12*5 That's a total of 5400units. Now that I've increased my work capacity, I can start tapering down the total reps&sets while actively trying to push my intensity up again. This time, I can smoke all of my past PRs. THATS PROGRESS! A lot of this, I learnt from "The Art of lifting" by @gregnuckols and @omarisuf #volume #workoutvolume #intensity #powerlifting #science #artoflifting #gregnuckols #easyisunacceptable #exercisescience #coaching #health #strength #musclemass #gains #instadaily #progress #squatsgagementz

Deepti Mahto

sir i m infs scholar and would humbly request you to kindly take one seminar on very interesting topic How Much volume is appropriate for hypertrophy or strength gains as per training age. what is Maximum recover able volume and minimum effective volume when we plan our hypertrophy and how to recognise fatigue accumulation? I would be highly obliged if u can throw some light on this through seminar in infs group.

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