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Will home workouts be sufficient for my goals?

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Will home workouts be sufficient for my goals?

This is a common question we get from our clients. So the answer to that is if you cannot hit the gym due to your lifestyle, your job, your toddler etc then yes you are left with only one option to do strength training is by doing it at home. But if you have the possibility to go to gym then it’s best for you to hit the gym. You can do a lot of workouts at home like body weighted exercises, using equipments like resistance bands, using some dumbbells. Though gym is equipped with a lot of other machines which helps you to add more variety in your workouts. If you are training at home you can do progression by following a progressive overload approach. You can gradually increase volume and intensity as you progress. Volume can be increased by increasing the sets/ reps & intensity can be increased by increasing the load. Resistance bands comes along with different loads and for dumbbells you can increase the load too. Just make sure you are recovering from the workout stress well enough and also your forms and postures are not compromised while progressing. So to conclude it’s important for you to add strength training along with your diet whether your goal is fat loss or muscle gain. So, make sure you do it at home or gym whatever is possible for you. #gym #homeworkouts #lifestyle #fatloss #musclegain
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