Balivada Sravan Kumar

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Why you should track weight every day

We often hear people saying, “don’t track the weight every day and you will be demotivated” but I feel the opposite. For the people who usually believe in measuring the progress in terms of weight, it is suggested to weigh every day instead of weighing once a week. I practically do this to my clients who worry about their weight. I ask them to note down every day in apps like fittr, notes, excel or even in a paper (whatever it is feasible for them) and ask them to send me at the end of the week. Most of the times the data which they send is not linear and they usually see the weight going up one day and coming down the very next day. Let's suppose a person is tracking their weight weekly and on Monday. The person weight can be 60.4 kgs on Monday and it can be 60.6kgs next Monday. If the person checks the weights every day the person must have seen the weight fluctuations and will not be worried about the increase in weight. But if the person doesn’t then he/she will be worried about their weight and gets demotivated.

Take away: • Don’t rely on weight alone to track the progress. • If you are relying on weight then track it every day and understand that weight loss linear. • Always track the weight on empty stomach at the morning after emptying the bowel movements. • Irrespective of the weight fluctuations one will lose the fat if he/she is in deficit.
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