Utsav Agrawal

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why you gained weight ?

You must have come across people or you are one of them, who blame any specific food item or give any random excuse for gaining weight.

>>Blaming Any food item- Thinking you have gained weight because of the rice, sugar or another carb source you had is absolutely wrong, no food items in isolation can make you gain weight or lose it >>Blaming genetics- Its again wrong to blame genetics for becoming fat, it's your overall eating habits and lifestyle that made you fat >>Blaming Metabolism- Its again wrong, yes you might have a slow metabolism but that does not mean you choose to be fat, work on that and even overall the period of time, try to improve it You gained weight because you have overeaten, not because on the above factors directly For losing weight, follow a calorie deficit structured diet and involve in any kind of physical activity Reference -1.Rehfeldt, Charlotte & C Stickland, Neil & Fiedler, Ilse & Wegner, Jochen. (1999). Environmental and Genetic Factors as Sources of Variation in Skeletal Muscle Fibre Number. Basic Appl. Myol. 9. 235-253
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