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Why you are failing every time you try to diet?

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Why you are failing every time you try to diet

==================================== Are you one of them who have tried to lose weight /gain muscle and failed everytime, not able to stick to the plans? Let's understand why it happens and how to overcome it - 1. Setting wrong expectations - Setting a clear goal is crucial but it should be realistic, sometimes just because the rate of progress is not equivalent to what you are expecting, you tend to quit it completely. Set realistic goals with the flexible time frame. 2. Rigorous dieting - often times to get faster results, you tend to follow a rigorous diet or very restrictive diet on which you can not sustain because of that eventually quit it. Follow a sustainable diet plan that is most suited for you. 3. All or nothing approach - You started diet from Monday and Tuesday you ate 1 cookie because of that you thought diet is completely ruined now will start again later and this goes on. Even if let's say you had that cookie then don't think its the end rather a possibility to improve you and target no deviations from there. 4. No clear goals - The first step of starting your fitness journey is clear goals. Some people get stuck in the vicious cycle of shredding and gaining and end up remain the same as they started. Have one and clear goal at a time and work on that Let me know guys , what topic you want me to cover next Cheers!!

sushma Prashanth

I can stick to workout Regime but diet I always fail .. somewhere little but here and there happens becuase of not having strong mindset . can relate this so well

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