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Why some dieters fail but others succeed?

Everybody starts a diet but not everybody who diets succeed, did you ever wonder why? Both types of people start with the same goals. One this common among both of them that they both want to lose weight. If the goal is common than what is that thing that makes a difference in their outcomes? The major thing that makes a huge difference in their results is their process. The process through which they lose their weight. These processes are their habits. The unsuccessful dieters focus majorly on losing weight rather than focusing on what made them unfit in the first place. These dieters are constantly worried or thinking about what are they going to get out of their dieting i.e. their ‘After Pictures’. The problem with this goal-oriented approach is once these dieters achieve their goal they quit things and then they rebound. The successful dieters on the other hand focus on changing the habits that made them unfit in the first place rather than just chasing their targeted weight. These dieters are more interested in learning the approaches that can make their journey more enjoyable. Instead of focusing on what they will get at the end of their journey, they are more interested in making their process more interesting. Since these people are process-driven i.e., they are making these processes their habits, they sustain their progress even after losing weight. So forget about losing weight for some time and what you will get at the end of the journey and learn to build some habits which will change your lifestyle. Because these small habits when executed together consistently for a long period, they can do miracles.

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