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Dieting Psychology

Everyone wants to see results quickly and when things don't work, they get frustrated. Often client keeps saying that that they aren't getting desired results inspite of following everything on point, but when we go deep into the conversation we realize that whatever the food they eating is just an approximation and not quantified. But we need to understand these small changes has a huge impact on your progress. When you start following any particular diet, you often chose healthy foodstuff and expect improvements in your body immediately, but you need to understand that, you may not see any progress if your estimated food quantities are much larger than what you believe you are eating. The key to progress is a proper 'QUANTIFIED' structured diet and weight training.✅ Instead of having your food with approximations or with a spoon/ hands it's better to take your time and weigh your food with a food weighing scale which will make you more conscious about your portion sizes. Example, your spoon of peanut butter can never be the same, every time it is definitely going to change no matter how accurately you take it, so why not to weigh it in grams which will help you to track the exact amount of calories you are consuming. Just imagine everytime you put olive oil with approximation for cooking your meal, say for example 20ml and in reality your diet says you have to use 10ml, here you are consuming extra 90 calories a day which comes to around 630 extra calories per week, so how will you get the desired progress if you consuming extra calories than your intake? So understand the difference between approximation and accuracy and always quantify your meals properly which will help you to build a healthy lifestyle and benefit you for a longer run. So how do you go cook your meals, with approximation or with accuracy ? 😜

Baljot Singh Ranu

Wonderful article there. Very well explained and covers all important aspects.

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