Anand soni

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Why rushing process?

Many times we see that we are living unhealthy lifestyle. You have seen some transformation and boom you got only one thing in mind. To get the desired physique.

"All wrong things has to become right in one day..." "Larger deficit, starving to death and get results as quickly as possible..." We have a tendency that we want to correct everything in one day. Well that's good thing you want to correct ASAP. But, when we talk about fitness this did not work that way. While you try to do faster, trust me you will do more harm than good. We are not here to race and we don't have any motive to rush the process. Always try to move ahead in sustainable way. For fatloss, don't rush it when all these years you are doing nothing and one fine day you want to correct the every wrongdoings of many years in one day. Always have approach which will not hamper your lifestyle and on a same time you don't have to compromise with anything just because you are "DIETING". Think and let me know your views 😁

Sachin Arora

usually we run out of patience, though the progress is steady.

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