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Why Recovery is very Important?

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It's so weird that I couldn't see this more clearly!

This is the case with a lot of clients. Believe it or not, when people start seeing results or when they start enjoying the workout sessions, they also tend to get swept away with it. Over a period of time, they go on increasing their workouts, whether it’s the frequency or the number of sets and reps that they perform. Of course, they do this because they start enjoying their workouts more and more. But sometimes, too much of a good thing is bad! I had a client who asked me if he could workout every single day without taking any rest days. He said he didn’t want to break the momentum. And he went at it for months before he started feeling a small nudge around his knees. Over a few days, it turned into acute pain My advice to him (and to all of you) - Stop. Relax. Take a break! You need to give your body a rest. Your body has the capacity to recover from all sorts of trauma. But even it has a limit. Your body won’t be able to push itself after a certain limit and after a certain amount of time. Taking rest and allowing your body to recover is very important. It’s strange that something as simple as this isn’t being accepted or acknowledged by a lot of people.

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Very Apt and a very informative write up..

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