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Why Quantified Nutrition ?


So why is it important for you to track your calories ? 1. Helps you know yourself better ! Tracking your calories help you know how your body responds differently at different calorie intake. 2. Gives you a reality check ! For people saying "I don't eat that much" and still don't lose weight or for people saying "I eat so much but still don't gain weight" , calorie tracking helps you get a reality check on how far or close you are from the required calories. Most of the times, the reality is not that great and you would find yourself making grave mistakes. This will answer your query - "Why" are you not losing/gaining weight ? 3. Road to progress. As said earlier, calorie tracking helps you understand about how your body is responding on particular amount of calories, it also helps you carve out a path towards the progress. It helps you know what amount of deficit (to lose weight) you are on, what amount of surplus(to gain weight) you are on and helps you calculate your maintenance calories approximately and plan your fat loss or muscle gain phase in a better manner. 4. Macro break up. Helps you understand the macronutrient break up that you are having in your food intake. This enables you to play with different macronutrient break ups and apply to yourself so that you can create a sustainable diet for yourself. 5. Stay on track. Helps you stay on track and adjust the calories on days when you have to eat out or on the days when you are not so hungry or days when you are very much hungry. Helps you stay accountable to yourself when you are tracking each and everything that goes into your mouth. So start tracking your calorie intake and progress in your fitness journey !
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