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Why Priority to Protein ?

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Why priority to protein intake?

============================== Whenever you start any kind of diet or even for general well being, the first advise you will get is increase protein intake which actually makes sense - Here are the reasons - 1. Protein undoubtedly an essential macronutrient that we need on a daily basis for many essential bodies functions like repair, building, etc. 2. Especially our Indian food is filled with carbohydrate and fats and we lack protein in our diet, the general recommendation is 0.8 - 1.2 gms/kg for a sedentary individual and 1.2-2.2 gms/kg for an active individual. 3. Whenever you are in a calorie deficit, there are chances of muscle loss also and to preserve that muscle mass, you need to have a pretty good amount of protein intake 4. For older people (50+), that protein requirement increases because of the process sarcopenia, they lose approx 10 percent muscle mass by every passing decade and it comes around to be more or equal to 1.5 gms/kg protein Cheers!!

Sagar Tarkar

Thanks, very informative but having around 100gram protein every day with out whey protein is little bit difficult.

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