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Why people fail to get below 10 percent body fat ?

Why people fail to get below 10 percent body fat ?

1. You are eating healthy but you are not aware about the calories you consume. There is a mechanism called calories in versus calories out, so even if you are eating healthy but are not on a deficit that your body requires to lose fat , all your efforts will go in vain and you will be confused that inspite of eating all the right food such as chicken , rice , quinoa still you don’t have results. There is no need for any super food to lose fat, body just understands calories. 2. You are too much worried about what people have to say about your journey. Generally comments such as you are looking very lean, weak, you are missing the pump etc are things you get to hear from people around you. Trust me you need to have patience and you need to ignore such comments , because these are the people who have never tried anything on their own. See you need to understand that fat is part of your body, if you lose fat your looks would change. Your body will not differentiate, acha he wants to keep his face fat , so just give him abs and keep the face as it is 🤷🏻‍♂️ 3. Do not let Instagram or Facebook fool you , you see people doing transformation In a short span of time,you need to understand that it might be a case where in the person already has good dieting and lifting experience and is getting back to his routine after sometime, in this case due to the muscle memory he might put on some muscle and will have a speedy transformation compared to a beginners. So have patience and keep working until you reach your goals, run behind your goal not time. Second case would be people or professional bodybuilders who are on steroids , they might put on a lot of muscle even while cutting, but you need to understand that you are doing things naturally and it will take time to get good results. 4. Inconsistency with the diet and workout. You have been super strict for 12 to 15 weeks , but after that you feel that you have done a lot of hardwork and go on a break and treat yourself for a few weeks. Here there are high chances that you would have to start from scratch when you get back. Trust me that cheat meal of yours can wait, it’s not necessary to have a cheat in between your journey.Stay focused keep pushing yourself, shredding is more of a mental game than physical. 5. People underestimate the power of rest. They think that they need to do a lot of activity and rely too much on cardio and stuff to get quicker results. This actually is a lesson which I have learned from my coach Jitendra Chouksey himself. These were the same exact words told to me DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF REST. Your body requires proper rest even when you are shredding. Overtraining will result in nothing, matter of fact it might hamper your progress. These few points came into my mind because as some might know I myself am trying to get back in shape and have been super strict with my diet and workout for the past 5 months. Along with right nutrition and training other things which you need is patience and consistency my friend 💪🏻

Nitesh Dekate

Point 2 is the worst. People keep coming and saying "Did you fall ill? You look very weak and thin" Or "you looked better earlier" and I'm like "I'm the one who gets to see what's under this hood and I'm very happy to see those changes" (Wait till you see me after the clean bulk cycle). Very irritating and they dont stop. This sometimes includes parents. But thankfully they understand when you explain it to them. The thing you said about rest, I need to inculcate that 😅

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