Sheikh Nadir Siddiquee

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Why is your Flexible Dieting Approach Failing?


- Instead of trying to fit food to meet the individual macronutrients, we usually try to fit our favourite food items in the Calories - Instead of planning a diet which is satiable, we go for items which gives us momentary happiness and then fall out because of hunger - Instead of getting protein from food, we rely on supplements. This happens because there is not much Calorie left after adding all our favourite food items - We do not know how to stop ourselves from overeating. We think it is okay to eat today and we will cut our Calories tomorrow but that never happens - Favourite food items are not value for Calorie(give lesser helpful nutrients than Calories) - Majority of tasty food items are rich in carbs and fat. They do not have much protein - They fall short on micronutrients which drives our Health What is the Solution? Follow a 80:20 rule wherein 80% of the diet should be clean and nutrient rich and 20 % could be just for the sake of Calories( favourite food items). Prioritize Nutrients over taste buds.
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