Yash Kaushik

 | 1 minute to read

Why focus on your fitness this QUARANTINE?

You have all the good reasons to start your fitness journey during this quarantine. Now because we don’t know for how long all this is going to go on, it’s the right time for you to invest in your fitness and health. Now the irony is that before we coaches could tell you why it’s important and why you can achieve your goals during this quarantine, the all-time greatest Lazy/Unfit/Couch Potatoes already started posting #QuarantineAndChill #NetflixAndQuarantine and what not.

It’s time you realize the importance of your time and start being productive towards your own self. Don’t care about what people around you might say, Just start it, do it, get results, and prove them wrong. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Cheers! 👍


Thanks for the encouragement... is it possible to reduce weight with home exercises without using any equipment?

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