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Why fitness coaches are pushing people to workout and follow diet in such critical situation?

1.You have more time now:

We all used to blame TIME, when it came to working on ourselves. Now because of this situation, most of us have at least 2-3 hours more. So why not utilize this extra time to work on our goals? 2.Building habits and lifestyle is the mantra of fitness: Initial 21 days are the toughest for building any habit. You can utilize this time of isolation (with less distraction) to build habits. Imagine you have done home workout for 21 days, then you will rely less on gym to get results and your adherence will drastically improve. 3.Break from social media: We all want to be updated with latest information on this situation and thus we are continuously consuming information from news/social media/whatsapp. This is taking a toll on our peace of mind. Exercising/ meditation or just a walk in the house can help taking a break from social media. 4.Mental peace: Amidst all the negativity going on because of the outbreak, working on yourself can give you a boost of positivity. All of us know the positive impact of exercise on hormones and mood. Being positive (not literally) and hopeful is need of the hour. 5.No better time to influence your family: My younger brother has started working out with me. Not because he is feeling motivated, but because he has nothing else to do. We have always worked out in gym (mostly in isolation),and this is a great time chase family goals. 6.Survival of the fittest: I am not saying in these few weeks your immunity will increase drastically. But if you never work on it, it will keep on degrading with time. So what is the secret to immunity? Balanced nutrition, exercise, good sleep and low mental stress. So why not start working on it from today?

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