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Why don't you prioritize your health?

------------------------------------------------------------------ It's your Monday morning and you are waking up with the list of task that you need to complete. You have a list of responsibilities that you need to deliver and you are going to deliver them. Is health one of your priority? The kind of efforts you are putting in your works, the type of hard work you are doing, do you want to keep doing that with the same type of energy at the Friday night too? If yes, then keep reading it. Tell me how does your car work? Do you keep running it even if it's making weird sounds? Do you keep driving it when its engine is getting so hot that it will burst off if you don't stop? What do you do in such a situation? You take it for servicing and you drive it carefully. Imagine you are your car and you started it on Monday morning but you didn't give it any rest, and care that it needs. Imagine you are still driving it when you have already got your two tires flat. What will you do then? Will you wait for the rest of the tires to get bursts? No, you won't right? You will take it to a mechanic. Then why are you not doing this to your body? Don't you want to enjoy this ride? Don't you want to work with the same energy at the weekends or the end of the month that you started with on Monday morning? Are you waiting for your car to completely shut down so that someone else can push it to the garage? Do you want to take somebody else's help to make you walk when you are at your 60s? If no, then take charge now. If you want to keep working and want to put all the efforts then you need to take care of your body. A car will only run fine if the engine is working properly. So, take out some time in your busy routine and put some time for yourself. Wake up every morning with great energy and kill your goals.

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