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Why do you lose muscle mass

Why do you lose muscle mass**

=============================== First of all, let me clear it up that whenever you are following calorie deficit diet most of the times you will lose some amount of muscle mass. But here I am talking about muscle loss at a considerable scale - 1. Huge deficit - Creating a huge deficit in quest of losing weight faster in shorter time leads to a higher rate of muscle loss 2. Not focusing on recovery - training at such a level from where it becomes difficult for you to recover, in that scenario you tends to lose some strength as well as muscle mass. Even if training is fine but sleep is highly disturbed it leads to improper recovery 3. Not eating enough protein -Protein is undoubtedly an essential nutrient for muscle growth and even retention, not eating enough protein/no protein can lead to muscle loss 4. Sarcopenia - After the age of 50 yrs, we can lose up to 1 percent of muscle mass per year. 5. Detraining - Stopping strength training can result in muscle loss also. ** not considering any medical condition


can you define huge defecit?...i have kept my calorie intake 300less than bmr..? or is it depends on each person's weight or something?

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