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Why at times, fat loss doesn’t happen the way we expect!

Fat Loss
Goal – fat loss! Systems to attain it – Diet and workout! 

Is the system in motion now? Yes! When these boxes are getting ticked, you expect to see results, which is fair by all means. But yet, at times, you feel stuck and witness no/slow changes in your fitness journey.  Disheartening, for sure, but have you ever thought that there is a plethora of reasons that could actually be responsible for this? Follow up! • Unrealistic expectations and lack of patience: Starting with a cliché because it's true. 'You haven't got obese in a week, you won't lose it in a week too'. You can't force fat loss just because you're desperate. After initial results, many expect that the progress will continue at the same rate. It's going to slow down & you are going to be frustrated. But, you have to stick with the process and you have to learn patience. Hang in there! • Fat loss is not linear: The fat loss graph won't be an ascending straight line, but more like a zig-zag spike. So, better compare the progress of day 1 to day 100, you will see! • Comparing progress to others: We all have done it. So, who am I to preach that you shouldn't do it? But, try another outlook –people earn differently, behave differently, think differently, express differently, so why can't they respond to diet differently? Different genes, body's composition, efforts in the gym, precision with the diet- countless factors determine an individual's progress. For how long will you sulk for it? • Could be losing weight without realizing: Many times scales don't budge, so it's better to keep track of 'inches'. Or you can keep clicking condition pictures and compare them.  • Water retention: Your body can hold water for many reasons, and that can cloud your judgment about your own progress. • Lack of precision with your calories: Snacking on calorie-dense food items without being aware, or having those vitamin drinks loaded with sugar can actually exceed your daily calorie intake and get you off track. Better maintain a food log. Beware, all things labeled as HEALTHY are not actually healthy.  • Too much flexible dieting: Flexible is sustainable but if you get too flexible, the results are going to hamper. Find a balance! • Plateau could be the case but not always: Hitting a fat loss plateau is not THAT common unless you've been dieting for so long or eating ultra-low calories or just not lifting enough in the gym. But, if you've hit a plateau, then you need to manipulate your calories and activity levels. • Genes, body type, slower metabolism: These could be the factors, but, it's not like you cannot overcome them with your CONSISTENCY. Many have, and you can do it too! • Not eating enough protein: Body makes more effort to metabolize 'protein' as compared to 'carbs' n 'fats and burns more calories. Have you made sure that your diet is 25-30% protein or are you sceptical that protein will make you fat?  • Overestimating calorie burn: You cannot trust the gym machine's display for the calories that you burn. There is no accurate way to measure it. Even after an intense session, it varies from person to person. Also, you don't burn that extra bar of chocolate by half an hour of cardio. Compensation does not work, consistency does. • Undermining the effect of NEAT: 'NON-EXERCISE ACTIVITY THERMOGENESIS'- Unintentional activities like walking, climbing stairs etc. can contribute a lot to your fat loss journey. You better start increasing it. You will be surprised. • Age: It could be a factor because a 40-year-old will have a slow metabolism as compared to a 20-year-old. But, look around in the group, so many have battled it and emerged a winner. • Medical conditions and medicines: Medicines for different ailments and lifestyle disorders can actually hamper fat loss process. Look out for what you are popping before you start getting depressed about your fat loss journey. • Lack of sleep and rest: This could spike stress hormones in your body, and due to that imbalance, your fat loss does get affected. There are many more reasons left to address, but the point that I am trying to make here is that there is no need to beat yourself up about slow/no rate of fat loss. As long as you are aware, honest and consistent with your approach, you will get there. If not that, you get to discover how your own body reacts to different scenarios. A big part of knowing yourself (we all strive for that) can begin due to this. After all, 'journey is important*er than the destination'. 🙂 Yeah! ending with another cliché Because it's true.

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