Jitendra Chouksey

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Why aren’t people fit?

After having trained 1000s, I know one thing for sure, fitness isn't rocket science. On the contrary, it's pretty simple, you eat right, move more, lift weights, and that's it. A perfect start of the day once you're done with your meditation session at the gym!

For many years, I thought it was the lack of knowledge and lack of motivation amongst the prime reasons for people not being fit. It turns out; these are not even close. I mean, who doesn't want to look good, right? So there's motivation. Today, all the information is available for free if one is looking at the right places. So then what is it? What's keeping people from getting fit? Does your kid need the motivation to play with other kids? Does he need any formal training before he starts fiddling with the basketball? What prompts him? You see, we're inherently programmed to stay active and play unless someone tells us we're not. Let me try and explain it again: how do the kids know what princesses dress like? That's right, Disney! What did we watch when we were kids? Batman, superman? What do we watch now? See what's happening? We're all prey to this mental conditioning, which is turning us against ourselves. This mental conditioning done by society and corporates is what's making us unfit. And they do it in such a subtle manner that most of the time it goes unnoticed. For instance, intoxication through alcohol, drugs, cigarettes. How do you know that it's terrible for a kid below 18 years, but is ok for an adult who's above 18? That's just smart marketing! Once you take away something from someone and tell them they'd have access to it when they turn 18, what do they do? Look forward to it. The culture of food and inactivity destroys the culture of fitness. There are not enough people playing outside. When more people start doing wrong, it somehow becomes right. We find loopholes in our logical brain to do what everyone else is doing because we want to fit in. So why aren't people fit? It's the culture! How can you bring back the culture and break the stereotype? Reject the mental conditioning, stop believing these advertisements! Once you do, you'd realize that you're built to stay fit. Once a lot of people start getting fit, more will join in, and that's where a community like this helps. If there's more of us, there will be less of them. Simple!


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