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why are you not gaining muscle

Why you are not gaining muscles

============================================= >>Not eating in surplus regularly- This is the most common mistake people do, they maintain a surplus for some days of the week only and rest of the days skip some calories >>Overestimating calories in food >>Not progressing in your workout - Going to the gym regularly but not able to lift more. >>Not giving yourself enough time- focusing on short term results ignoring wider perspective. Muscle gain is a slow process, you need to give yourself time >>You are scared of gaining some fat- Even if everything is going right, some people get scared seeing some fat gain but the truth is gaining some fat while gaining muscle mass going to happen anyway. >> High Neat - Some people are hyperactive throughout the day and their nonexercise activity thermogenesis is high and often those people underestimate their maintenance calories.


how about folks with high cortisol levels

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