Omkar Kamthe

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Often I have seen many people just avoiding to take their first because they just don't believe in themselves. Ohh common, losing 20-30 kgs is next to impossible for me. Gaining is so damn tough, I guess I won't be able to lift weights at all, I don't even have that much strength in me instead I will injure myself, better I will be like this. Ohh god, I look so fat, it's better I stop shopping and looking in the mirror. If you are stuck with these negative statements over, again and again, trust me it's going to make your task more difficult and can destroy any seed of HOPE before giving any start. Always remember, your actions are inspired by your thoughts. If you can just change your mindset you can definitely change the actions you take. Let's talk about this simple example In a game of cricket, generally, when a bowler bowls wide or bouncers, you just ignore the ball or leave it. Similarly, when there's a negative thought in your mind you don't have to prove it right or think about it and believe in it, simply ignore it. Remember your thoughts become powerful when you give your power to it, try ignoring it once and see the magic of positivity all over. No matter what thoughts come in your way, you just need to give your all to complete what's in your way. Your negative thoughts will keep on popping and fading away, all you need to do is stick to your game, make it stronger and keep moving forward till you achieve your goal. So just focus on the process and you will definitely get the best results out of it. So from now onwards start believing in yourself, don't be afraid to take that first step and ignore those negative self-talk which is the root of every cause because we only have one life so make the most of it 💪

Raghavender Matam

That's a good thought and direction of making self talk an awareness. more and more we are aware of the negative self talk, one can always achieve more.

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