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Why are we not changing our workouts frequently?

Exercise Science
We get clients who keep asking us to change their workouts frequently. They think frequent changes in the workouts is going to help them achieve their goals quicker. As a matter of fact frequent changes in the workouts can have negative impact over your gains. [1] This study by Baz-Valle et al. has supported the previous researches done on similar studies of muscle confusion by regularly changing the workout and has considered it to be of no benefit over fixed exercises in terms of progression.

To progress in your workout you need to follow a progressive overload approach where you gradually increase load managing the fatigue. This is done by programming the training variables - volume (sets, reps), intensity and frequency. Progressive overload is the practical benefit of a fixed exercise selection as we can keep a track of progression and implement the progressive overload. So changing workouts frequently is not going to help you as there is no way you will be able to progressively overload and increase your overall volume of workouts. To take the maximum benefit of a workout follow it for considerable time until you have mastered the forms and postures for beginners. For intermediate lifters you can follow a program until you have made considerable progress in load of the exercises managing the fatigue. [1] The effects of exercises variation in muscle thickness, maximal strength and motivation in resistance trained men. Baz-Valle et al. 2019. #ExerciseScience #DesignWorkouts #ChangingExercises #ProgressiveOverload

Sonia Sharma

hi,so should we add variations to our workouts or not? as in adding new variation to each body part?

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