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One of the most interesting things about human nature is focusing on other people's progress rather than focusing on their personal growth. It's all about You vs You. Try to make a better version of yourself instead of wasting your precious time wondering about others. So who do you think are your real competitors? 1. YOUR EXCUSE - You need to stop your excuses if you really wish to achieve something which is very precious and important to you. 2. YOUR SELF-ESTEEM - Understand you are working on your physique for yourself, to make yourself fit and healthy, and not for others, so always leave your ego at the door. 3. YOUR LIFESTYLE AND HABITS - Everyone has their own lifestyle and habits, you need to sacrifice something to achieve your goals. Discipline, dedication, determination matters a lot when it comes to achieving any goals in fitness. So try to adapt fitness as a lifestyle which will automatically push you towards your success. 4. YOUR COMFORT ZONE - Sitting in your comfort zone, wishing for the dream physique, visiting temples, praying and offering flowers to God is not going to work at all. You need to hustle for it outside your comfort zone. 5. YOUR SLOTHFUL ATTITUDE - One day or day one, you need to decide when you got to start your journey. If you keep on following this kind of attitude, it will be very difficult to achieve your goals and you will just end up being the same version of yourself. 6. YOUR RIGHT MINDSET - If you have the right mindset you will definitely move ahead with your journey in the right direction with the right approach. Negative self-talk will just destroy your mindset and you won't be able to achieve anything you wish for. So the bottom line is instead of focusing on progress and lifestyle of other people, focus on your big competitors, tackle with them and try to follow things with the right approach. Real transformations doesn't care about anything in life, the real world is more concerned about WHAT YOU SAY vs WHAT YOU DO. Keep Grinding #Onelifebaby 💪

Rakesh Dixit

very well written...i so needed that.....

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